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White Jade, black Spinel. and Blue Rutile Necklace

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Gain valuable insights into your emotions and energetic blocks, with recommendations for specific crystals to help clear those obstacles.

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White Jade

  • Symbolism: Purity, Serenity, Wisdom.
  • Descriptive Words: Calming, Protective, Harmonizing, Uplifting, Clarifying.
  • Common Places Found: China, Myanmar (Burma), Russia, Guatemala, U.S.
  • Harmonizes With: Green Jade, Moonstone, Clear Quartz.
  • Associated Chakra: Crown.

Black Spinel

  • Symbolism: Protection, Rejuvenation, Empowerment.
  • Descriptive Words: Grounding, Revitalizing, Inspiring, Balancing, Protective.
  • Common Places Found: Thailand, Sri Lanka, Cambodia.
  • Harmonizes With: Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Red Garnet.
  • Associated Chakra: Root.

Blue Rutile (commonly found as inclusions within Quartz)

  • Symbolism: Insight, Illumination, Growth.
  • Descriptive Words: Elevating, Intuitive, Amplifying, Transformative, Clearing.
  • Common Places Found: Brazil, Madagascar, U.S.
  • Harmonizes With: Clear Quartz, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli.
  • Associated Chakra: Throat, Third Eye.

How They Work Together: The combination of White Jade, Black Spinel, and Blue Rutile offers a balanced spectrum of grounding, illuminating, and calming energies.

  • White Jade instills a sense of peace and purity in the user, clearing away distractions and negativity to promote focus and clarity. Its energies assist in making decisions from a place of wisdom and serenity.

  • Black Spinel provides a protective and grounding anchor, ensuring that the individual remains balanced and connected, especially during times of challenge or emotional upheaval. Its revitalizing properties also infuse energy and motivation.

  • Blue Rutile amplifies intuition and insight. It encourages spiritual growth by helping the user to connect with higher states of consciousness, enabling a deeper understanding of one's path and experiences.

Together, these minerals promote harmony between the physical, mental, and spiritual realms. The user can benefit from enhanced clarity, protection, and intuition, leading to a harmonized and empowered existence.