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Intuition Crystal Confetti

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Gain valuable insights into your emotions and energetic blocks, with recommendations for specific crystals to help clear those obstacles.

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Intuitive Crystal Confetti Mix: A Portal to Inner Wisdom

Embark on a sensory voyage with our Intuitive Crystal Confetti Mix. Handpicked to bolster your innate intuitive prowess, each crystal harmonizes its unique vibration, creating a potent energy web that seeks to awaken the sage within you.

Raw Crystal Lineup:

• Clear Quartz: Celebrated as the ‘Master Healer’, its transparent core intensifies focus, boosting the intuitive resonance of its crystal peers.
• Rainbow Moonstone: Embodying moonlit allure, this gem heightens psychic senses and spiritual recognition, acting as your beacon in the intuitive realm.
• Amethyst: Drenched in a deep violet hue, it connects profoundly with the third-eye, ushering in moments of clarity and prophetic visions.

Glistening Gems:

• Light & Dark Amethyst: These polished gems accentuate intuitive channels, nurturing vivid dreams and heightened psychic imagery.
• Chevron Amethyst: This gem fuses the profoundness of amethyst with the transparency of quartz, creating a surge in spiritual insights.
• Hematite: Standing firm as an intuitive anchor, it harmonizes earthly insights with celestial wisdom.
• Clear Quartz: Its polished brilliance reinforces and synchronizes intuitive frequencies, bridging the gap between conscious intent and subconscious insights.
• Moonstone: Glowing from within, it beckons intuitive epiphanies, drawing from the moon’s nurturing essence.
• Snowflake Obsidian: A beacon in the haze, it dispels mental ambiguity, laying the groundwork for enhanced perception and keen discernment.
• Rainbow Fluorite: Displaying a play of hues, it anchors the aura in purity, ensuring messages from the cosmos are crisp and unclouded.
• Sodalite: Championing deep introspection, it amplifies intuition by aligning the surface consciousness with underlying subconscious depths.

Special Additions:

• Aura Beads: Exuding prismatic radiance, these beads heighten the aura’s psychic attunement.
• Clear Quartz Necklaces: Adorn your being with intuitive might, harmonizing its pulse with the heart’s natural rhythm.
• Selenite Sticks: As crystalline gatekeepers, these rods fine-tune intuitive channels, ensuring a pristine flow of psychic insights.
• Palo Santo: Enhance your spiritual quests with the sacred essence of Palo Santo, curating the perfect backdrop for divine revelations.
• Clear Quartz Palm Stone: Clutch onto crystalline clarity, directing its vigor to clear impediments blocking intuitive progression.
• Amethyst Geo Chunk: This geode, a wellspring of intuitive wonder, supercharges your psychic endeavors, connecting you to celestial murmurs.
• Lepidolite: As a harmonizer of intuitive flows, it aids in decoding the visions and signals received during spiritual sojourns.
• Raw Peacock Ore: Bursting with chromatic splendor, this mineral invigorates the third-eye chakra, honing intuitive lucidity and ethereal sight.

More than just a collection, the Intuitive Crystal Confetti Mix is a treasure trove of spiritual tools. When united, these crystals illuminate unseen terrains, ushering the universe’s subtlest murmurs directly into your soul’s sanctum.