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Attuned Reading and Jewelry Piece with Lauren

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In your reading and healing, you will discover insights into your emotional state and energetic blocks. Lauren will asses each of your centers, and provide balance to your system and release any attachments. with the information from the energy assessment, she then taylors a piece of jewelry. David often helps combine her vision and energetic recipe to create the perfect piece with his artisan touch. 

Unveil Your Inner Harmony with Studio Selyn's Healing and Custom Jewelry

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing with Studio Selyn, where your emotional state and energetic blocks are not just understood but transformed. Lauren, our esteemed healer, delves deep into your energy centers, bringing balance and releasing any attachments that hold you back. Following a thorough energy assessment, Lauren crafts a unique piece of jewelry that not only resonates with your healing journey but also embodies your personal transformation. David, with his artisanal expertise, collaborates closely with Lauren, infusing each creation with intention and energy, resulting in a piece that’s as unique as your own journey.

Transforming Lives Through Crystal and Energy Healing

At the core of Studio Selyn lies a profound mission: to facilitate personal transformation through deep healing. Lauren, our founder, and guide, brings over 18 years of experience to each healing session, offering a haven for those seeking balance, growth, and well-being. Her own journey through personal health challenges has imbued her with a deep empathy and a holistic approach to healing, embracing the power of crystals and energy work to effect change where conventional medicine falls short.

Our Healing Services: A Beacon of Hope

Studio Selyn stands as your ally in transformation, blending ancient wisdom with modern healing techniques across a spectrum of modalities:

  • Soul-Based Healing: Accessing the soul’s depths to ignite emotional and spiritual evolution.
  • Shamanism Journeying: Venturing into spiritual realms to uncover insights and promote healing on behalf of our clients.
  • Crystal and Color Therapy: Harnessing the unique energies of crystals and colors to foster balance and well-being.
  • Esoteric Healing: Navigating the subtle energy fields to dissolve blocks and achieve harmony.
  • Reiki: Utilizing universal life force energy to enhance relaxation, healing, and equilibrium.

Lauren’s personalized approach integrates intuitive insights with muscle testing, ensuring each client's needs are meticulously met, whether through bespoke jewelry, crystal blends, or direct healing sessions. Her dedication empowers individuals on their path to wellness and self-discovery.

Qualifications and Philosophy: A Harmonious Approach

Lauren’s extensive training in Reiki, esoteric healing, crystal healing, and color therapy, underpins her belief in the harmonious alignment of body, mind, and spirit for true healing. She honors the uniqueness of each client's journey with a compassionate, customized approach, meeting them at every step of their healing process.

Experience the Studio Selyn Difference

Studio Selyn invites you to a journey of healing and self-discovery within a nurturing environment. Lauren’s unwavering dedication to spirituality and healing offers a space for clients to heal and release imbalances, guiding each individual towards a life of balance, vitality, and joy.

Join Us at Studio Selyn

Every healing session at Studio Selyn is a step towards a more harmonious, vibrant, and joyful existence. Allow us to accompany you on this transformative journey, where healing is personalized, profound, and pivotal to uncovering your most vibrant self.