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Self Healing Quartz & Mica Crystal #230, Mica, Raw Mica, Natural Mica, Raw Quartz, Healing Crystal, Natural Quartz, Quartz

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Gain valuable insights into your emotions and energetic blocks, with recommendations for specific crystals to help clear those obstacles.

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Crystal: Self Healing & Mica

Symbolism: Renewal, Regeneration, Spiritual Growth.

Descriptive Words: Restorative, Transformative, Adaptive, Resilient, Rejuvenating.

Common Places Found: Brazil, Madagascar, Arkansas (USA), Himalayas.

Harmonizes With: Mica, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Citrine.

Associated Chakra: Crown (but can also align and balance all chakras).

Summary: Self Healing Quartz, often identified by its unique patterns and "healed" fractures, embodies nature's resilience and adaptability. As this quartz mends itself over time, it symbolizes human capacity for growth and healing post-adversity. This stone encourages personal healing and resilience, making it an ally for those facing challenges or seeking self-improvement.


Symbolism: Clarity, Vision, Insight.

Descriptive Words: Reflective, Illuminating, Discerning, Flexible, Layered.

Common Places Found: India, Brazil, Africa, Russia, the US.

Harmonizes With: Self Healing Quartz, Lepidolite (a type of mica), Tourmaline.

Associated Chakra: Third Eye and Crown.

Summary: Mica, a shimmering silicate mineral found in layers, offers the gift of vision, reflection, and clarity. Its sheet-like structure symbolizes the many layers of understanding and perception. Mica helps in seeing things clearly, making it particularly useful for discerning one's path and gaining insight into complex situations.

How They Work Together: When Self Healing Quartz and Mica come together, they create a powerful interplay of resilience and clarity. While the quartz promotes regeneration and growth from challenges, the mica infuses the process with clarity and insight. This combination can be particularly beneficial for individuals looking to heal and grow but needing clear vision and understanding of their journey. The energies of these two stones, intertwined, help in understanding life's challenges while giving strength to heal and evolve.



Length: 3.25"

Width: .75"

Height: .5"

Weight: 1.15 oz