About Studio Selyn

Studio Selyn makes its appearance in Marysville, Washington! This small family owned business offers an array of handcrafted products that will definitely brighten your day. 


Headed by David, Lauren, and Kayla; Studio Selyn will best be known by the diverse and uplifting items they have to offer. David spends hours perfecting each piece of breathtaking Jewelry and home ready Furniture while Kayla spends days experimenting with fragrances, textures, and natural ingredients for their line of Spa Products. No product is complete without Lauren’s unique vision and sense of style. Although they each have their own specialty; Studio Selyn is run as a cooperative business who relies on every member to put out exceptional products.


**Studio Selyn specializes in handcrafted jewelry, furniture, spa products, resin products, and wood pieces. Every item is unique and made with locally sourced materials.